Friday, September 23, 2011

A 'little' spotted break from card crafting

Ok, so I am going to take a little shameless plug here to show off my latest adventure.  This adventure was not the one I envisioned myself taking at this point.  However, here is my story.

Once upon a time (like almost every day) Mike was subbing a newspaper route in the wee hours of the morning.  This happened to be the Saturday of Labor Day weekend.  As he was in an apartment complex throwing their papers, he heard a very small whining sound and followed it with his 'hound-like' ears (this plays a part).  To his surprise, he found a very small puppy under a car.  ABANDONED!  Well, as many of you know, I have a wonderful daughter in law, who among her many talents is an animal lover and has worked animal rescue for a long time.  That little voice in his head told him he better save that puppy or chance who knows what for leaving the small creature there to die in the parking lot - so we became the puppy rescue.

We were vigilant and posted FOUND signs with photos, walked around asking if anyone knew who's puppy it was.  No one to claim the wee lad.We waited the two weeks after we reported him and still no one!  Which brings me to the new project at our house these days.....................

Well.... I guess the happily ever after is that he has a good home now....................OURS!  I am not the happiest camper, but dang he is the CUTEST little thing ever!  We are pretty sure he is a beagle with maybe nothing else!

And I ask you, with a face like that (and I mean the puppies) could you give him away?  And while I mention the OTHER face....  I really can't say 'no' to my BIG creatures too!  WELCOME COSMO!

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