Friday, August 5, 2011

Sharing my Creative Cave

So, last summer when my son married his amazing wife, Dawnmaire, I not only got a fantastic daughter I got a stamp space!  So, I realized I have never shared photos of my little heaven on earth.  Here they are!  029
This is the room standing in the doorway looking in.  Going in a clockwise direction -
  • color coordinated bookcase.  All the files are 12 x 12 scrapbook paper housed by color in RAINBOW order (red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, blue, violet) On top of the shelf are drawers with color coordinated embellishments (brads, buttons, etc.)
  • my workspace desk.  It houses by stamp pads, ink refills, Stampin’ Up! embellishments, wheels, stamp blocks, markers, Big Shot die cutting machine
  • under the desk are 3 13 x 13 file drawers – they have various supplies for scrapbooking or stamping like vellum, stickers, punches, refills for adhesive or trimmers.
  • hanging on the wall above the desk is my Stampin’ Up! ribbon storage.  This is actually made from rain gutter that my DH hung on the wall for me. 
  • DVD bookcase holding current Stampin’ Up! stamp sets. 
  • On the right what you can’t see is a twin sized bed for when my missionary son, Nathan, returns home next summer. 
Here are some close up photos -
right side of my desk – usually my laptop sits in the open space.
Stamp set storage – many of these have moved to the other side of the room to the RETIRED stamp set storage for those sets I can’t bare to let go of yet!
The ribbon has had an overhaul and is more full now – Stampin’ UP! retired a lot of my fav ribbon, but I can’t get rid of it, so I keep it and add to it!  I’ll post a new photo in a few days.
I will share the OTHER side of the room tomorrow!  STAY TUNED!


  1. Love it! Someday I am going to have a space too...maybe when my son gets 20 years! I loved seeing your stomping grounds in person too! :)

  2. Jealous! At least Nat's craft space has a desk in the corner of her room. Mine's in the closet, under the bed and in the back storage room. And I don't think of things as retired unless they're used up and you can't find it anymore. :)


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