Monday, July 23, 2012

February and March in a nutshell

The end of February was a whirlwind - a word I came to understand in more personal ways than ever before.  On the 23rd, Michelle, Dawnmarie, Cali and I drove to Mesa area to go dress shopping for Michelle's wedding dress.  This was a fast, frenzied day and I do believe Michelle tried on about 27 dresses or so before finding THE DRESS.  While I can't post that yet (well, I could because the wedding has happened) I want to take you through the evolution of that dress later.  BUT, here are a few photos of that day none-the-less.
The day began here - and she tried on MANY dresses here - maybe 18 or so?  There was OUR favorite, but obviously Michelle wasn't convinced.

Then off to the second store - not quite as memorable - they were less than helpful.  I guess we interrupted her lunch and she was a bit bothered by that.  Michelle managed to try on about 6 dresses here too - this flowery one was for Cali - to change it up a bit - SUPER heavy!  The other one was too frumpy for the princess bride!

 Then off to the last store on a whim - Suzanne's Bridal.  There were a few dresses there she liked, but this one made her look about 40 - so it was a NO!  BUT - this is the shop where we found "THE" dress.  Michelle and I both knew it when we saw it - tears streamed down my face.  And she got teary too!  That was the reaction she was looking for.  She was just about to settle for OUR favorite on her, when she saw it.  Needless to say -the day was a success!
Now for the stamp projects to share with you!  Afterall, this is my CREATION blog -

 Super quick candy bar wrappers for Valentines. These always make good, quick gifts - I love to make them in all shapes and sizes - The CS is cut to 6" square (check your candy bar first though).  then wrapped around and decorated simply however you like.  Here is another one that is NOT Valentine themed - 

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