Sunday, June 7, 2009


Well folks, I officially want a REDO! Of the entire year so far. We have had some great times but mostly mingled between some crappy stuff! I feel a need to vent it all out, and since none of my friends are around to listen ... you all get it!

My list of reasons for a redo of 2009 -
  1. Mike got fired from his job of almost 10 years - 14 total years with the same company.
  2. We live on MY income for 8 weeks. *remember I work at a school in ARIZONA???
  3. We get sued by the company for the unemployment payments mike DID recieve (did they really think $1000 was THAT much money?)
  4. we have no insurance and many meds to buy, so we stop using many of them and pray that no one gets hurt or sick.
  5. job stress that Amanda may not have a job anymore
  6. new job is a NIGHT job so now we have a DAY sleeper and I must be the single parent
  7. new job pays almost 50% less than previous job
  8. kids lives - terrifying experiences, expensive trips, multiple F grades....
  9. no health insurance
  10. water heater starts leaking and flooding house for 3 weeks
  11. washing machine breaks
  12. mike drives into our garage - van door is broken now
  13. car accident with potential serious damage to truck
  14. new insurance will take 1/3 of lower pay
  15. ....

I could keep going if I wanted to, but it is all just too depressing to think about. After a day or so I want to go over the blessings we have recieved too.. but for today.... I needed to celebrate the RAIN that we are living with!

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  1. Wow! When it rains it pours! I think things come in downpours so we realize that we are nothing without the Lord, and He loves us and will provide a way. We love you and will remember you in our prayers.


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