Saturday, November 22, 2008

Best Night out!

So, I had a fantastic girls night out last night. 8 of us from work and 4 others went to see Twilight! It was fabulous! We screamed, we giggled, and sighed with pleasure. It may not be a box office smash, but it was so wonderful to see the story we have all become obsessed with acted out on the silver screen.

Susan made us all 'bedazzled' t-shirts to wear and also added a hilarious Twilight Survival Kit: popcorn and water, gum for fresh breath, a candy cane to suck on, Hershey's kisses for those kissing scenes and a panty liner for when we pee our pants! It was such a fun, relaxing night to get away. I love my girlfriends at work.

GO TEAM EDWARD! you are amazing.

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