Saturday, January 1, 2011


What fun that is to type!  I am excited for a new year - as I looked back on 2010, life was so full of changes!  I will recap a bit then share a project with you.  First off, Nathan got his mission call to serve an LDS service mission to Mozambique!  He left in May - this photo was created in My Digital Studio.  I made it for him for his birthday to remember the fun day he had when he got the letter with his mission call in it.  I later added this to the calendar we sent him for Christmas.

The next big event was James getting married.  He fell in love with a sweet girl from college, Dawnmarie, and they married in the summer.  This is another page from the calendar made in My Digital Studio -
I was laid off, then got my job back during the summer and that provided a lot of stress for a couple of months. All ended well. 

Our holidays were so much different than in the past with 2 children missing.  I have to admit I was quite sad - life is definately changing; I am going to have to figure out how to change with it!

 It has been a great year full of change, challenge and creativity.  thank you for joining me on this great journey!

Now here is the project I promised.  It is a gift I gave to Mike's sister and her family for Christmas.  I used the Decor blocks from Stampin' Up!  to create a 6 sided decor peice for them. 

Life really is fully of adventure! 
Life is....... JOY
Life is....  FAMILY
Life is......  GOD
Life is......... LOVE
Life is.........  LIFE!

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