Monday, May 31, 2010

Have I been shot into a time warp?

So, I realized today that it has been 2 months since my last post.  What kind of blogger am I?  Well, I guess I am a crazy busy one!  My life has radically changed since that last post.  Here are the highlights -
  • Nathan got his mission call!!  On February 18 he called us on Mike's cell phone at my book fair at school.  We put him on speaker phone in the reference room in the back of the library while he read us his call.  He is going to the Mozambique, Maputo mission.  WOW!  AFRICA.  Who would have thought he would go that far!  Not me... I am thrilled and scared all at the same time.
  • March was a whirl wind!  I have no idea what really happened in that month ....  I just let it slip by without really paying attention to what happened.
  • April was insane!  The first week was spring break.... yay!!!  Upon my arrival back to school, I was given some of the worst news of my life.  I was not going to have a job in the fall at my school; the school district was getting rid of half of their librarians and would share 3 librarians between 6 elementary schools.  I have just been reeling from that ever since.
  • April also was filled with long talks with James as he was making the life changing decision to marry his sweetheart, Dawnmarie.  I am grateful he asked many questions and did a ton of praying and fasting about it.  He officially asked her on April 24 at the Open House for the Gila Valley Temple.
  • Nathan came home from college the end of April and thus began our whirlwind May!
  • May was filled with preparations for Nathan's depart to his mission.  We went with him to the Mesa Temple on May 1 for him to recieve his endowments.  That was a lovely day!  and one I will cherish forever.
  • May 23 Nathan was set apart as a missionary for the Lord.  That was a momentous occaision; one none of us will ever forget.  Then the next day, Mike, Nathan and I departed for Utah to take Nathan to the MTC to begin his mission.  That was an emotional week - and I was surprized that I did not really cry - the emotions are still very close to the surface and I am sure I will take some time soon crying about his absence.
WHEW!  Now we are almost to June and I have no idea what my future holds besides having my son learn Portuguese and preparing for Africa, having another son make preparations for a wedding in July, and try to figure out what to do with myself after I finish up my last few days at my job.  What will we do?  How will we survive without my check?  How will I make it without my 2 oldest boys?  Many questions that wrack my brain to help me through some crazy times ahead! 

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